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Paint with Friends


Paint with FriendsPaint with Friends is a fun game to play with your friends or anyone (via matchmaking). One of the two players in a lobby gets a word from the app and draws that on the screen, the other player sees the drawing and has to guess what is drawn there. Every game consists of six rounds, both players guess three times and draw three times. If the guess is right, both players get score.
Features in Version 1.2.0
- Quit button: Tap it to quit a game. - Hint button: Tap it to get a hint (guessing player only, single use once per game / player)- Pass button: Don’t know what the the other player has meant? Tap it to pass and go to the next round. (Guessing player only)- Clear button: Tap it to clear the screen of your drawing if you made a mistake. (Drawing player only)- Matchmaking: Tap the „Matchmaking“ button in the lobby to find a game and another player. - Private games: If you just want to play with your friend(s), use the private game function. Type a GameKey (that is basically a password for the lobby) and tell your friend, they will join by typing the key.- Tolerant guessing: Even if you e.g. write „Christmas Tree“ instead of „Tree“ your guess is right, because it’s a tree. Every word in the database begins with a capital letter, but even if you don’t use a capital letter in your guess, it counts as well.- Color selection: You can choose between black, red, green and blue to make your drawing more colorful.
There is more stuff coming up, for example a better design!
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